Monday, October 18, 2010

1.2 Your #1 Tool: The Internet

Getting familiar with the world of finances is not something you accomplish in a day or two. There are many terms, many types of opportunities and financial ventures, many different fields and areas. Some are vital, without which you will be unable to progress and succeed.

Personally, I believe that some general knowledge of the world of finances is valuable, regardless of your eventual “specializations”.

The internet, in my opinion, should be a key player in your financial education and initiatives. 

The next few posts will be dedicated mostly to the terms and fields I find the most elementary, one at a time. In this post, I wish to emphasize the importance of internet usage in general.

As you probably know, the internet is nowadays perhaps the most comprehensive and useful information source available.

Whatever financial initiative you have in mind, you are very likely to find plenty of online information precisely about it. This information might be of great assistance to you.

If it is general financial knowledge you are looking for, the internet offers plenty.

If you are looking to understand a specific term, the internet is, again, the answer. Wikipedia is usually a good place to start.

What I am trying to say is this: Whenever you have a financial-related thought in your mind, your following thought ought to be be “How will I use the internet to gather information, elaborate or otherwise advance this thought?”.

However, keep in mind that the web is full of misleading and useless information as well. Always be critical of the content you read. Usually, a misleading or otherwise worthless site is very easily discernible. If the site is badly written or if it promises quick, easy and enormous success, then it is very likely a spam site.
How can you quickly find the credible sites? You can start with well-known, established sites and then check their links out.
Use the internet to your benefit. It’s a great financial tool, whether you are looking for specific or general information. However, don’t forget to be on the lookout for bogus or misleading sites!


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